Helios Quarterly Magazine For Short Stories and Poetry

Helios Quarterly Magazine for short stories and poetry

1st to 15th of July 2018

POETRY: Up to 100 lines. Paid $0.25USD a line.

MICROFICTION: Drabbles are strictly 100 words. Titles should be no longer than 3 words. Titles are not included in the overall word count. Paid $0.06USD per word.

FLASH FICTION: 101 to 1000 words. Paid $0.01USD per word.

SHORT STORIES: 1001 to 1500 words. Paid $0.02USD per word.

NONFICTION ESSAYS, NARRATIVES & ARTICLES: Aimed at an adult audience that a). deals with science-fiction, fantasy or horror, and b). demonstrates a level of competency about the subject matter at hand. 1500 to 5000 words. Paid a flat rate of $35USD.

Link to Submissions Page.


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