Owl Hollow Press Wants Short Stories For Anthology

Owl Hollow Press wants short stories for a Moon-themed Anthology

30th of June 2018

“In this anthology, we’ll explore the spells the moon has placed on humanity since the dawn—or should we say dusk—of time. We want to hear your loveliest and creepiest stories about the full moon: armies attacking under the cover of darkness, wretches making pacts with fiends under a Harvest Moon, scientists working in their laboratories in the dead of night, monsters most cruel, spells that work under a moon’s shadow, tsunamis that rain destruction upon unsuspecting sailors caused by the moon’s pull on the oceans, children with supernatural powers born during a solstice, and fairy circles in the heart of the woods. Come, entertain us, cast your literary enchantments with any story that can be told under the full moon’s light.”

Up to 7,500 words

$50 and a contributor’s copy

Link to Submissions Page.


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