Short Stories Wanted For Bicycles in Space Anthology

Short Stories Wanted for Bicycles in Space Anthology

15th of November 2018

“The theme for this issue is: trans and nonbinary characters and writers. Working title: The Great Trans-Universal Bike Ride”

500 to 8000 words

“A percentage of net profits from the Kickstarter project used to fund the book will be split evenly between contributors, if the project is successfully funded. This payment will be at least $30 per story, plus 10 contributor copies per printing.”

“More about the themes: For this issue, we’re looking to feature trans and nonbinary writers writing trans and nonbinary characters. At least one trans or nonbinary character should be a protagonist and centrally featured, though they don’t have to be the POV character. Their gender can be integral to the story or can be mentioned in passing, but please make the theme clear.

Stories can be in any science fiction or fantasy – ish genre: high fantasy, hard SF, space opera, fairy tales, solarpunk, spec fic, slipstream, you name it—anything but fanfic. Note that we aren’t looking to ‘bury your gays’ (or trans/nb characters). And sorry… we also aren’t looking for erotica.

All stories must contain bicycles—the story doesn’t need to be about bicycling, but this element must be central enough that removing it would change the story significantly. Same goes with feminism.”

Link to Submissions Page.


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