Urban Ivy Wants Non-Fiction, Essays, and Poetry

Urban Ivy wants non-fiction, essays, and poetry

1st of December 2018

The theme is “Love, You.”

““Love, you.” is an intimate and stimulating collection of powerful images, provocative thoughts and probing questions that invite you on a self-guided journey to uncover your narrative and tell your own story. The story of you- from you, to you.

The book is divided into eleven sections, illuminating a different area for self-exploration, dialogue, and offers opportunity for an honest perspective about where you’re at and where you’re going – while scribing your own thoughts, reflections and ideas within the pages.

“Love, you” is an invitation to unravel and share your authentic self with the world and, more importantly, with yourself. 

$50 USD for poetry; $150 USD for essays

Up to 1000 words

Link to Submissions Page.


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